‘Another Night’ — Oh Romance — Single review

They say three’s the magic number, and the indie-pop fans among you will particularly be in agreement when you spin the third and latest single from Glasgow-based, alternative four-piece, Oh Romance. Not only does ‘Another Night’ symbolise the end of a trilogy of releases and a slight change in direction, from their typical formula of semi-haunting, heavier indie, it also happens to be the first drop since the full outfit’s been in operation.

Between the blissful wistfulness of the introspective, guitar-led ‘All That You Needed’, which landed in August 2021, the band’s core members, Alex and Keir, have finalised their formation. This has seen the welcome introduction of Blair on drums and Kieran on bass, while the lads now have management backing to cement their position in the thriving Glasgow music scene.

‘Another Night’ is an ultra-melodic offering in the band’s repertoire, with the oh-too-relatable predicaments of lockdown laid bare lyrically. Through lines like “you want to see me for a while, don’t you?” and “kiss me through the window”, you’re urged to consider what you’d do, almost vicariously. It’s a raw conundrum packaged up with gorgeous vocal harmonies, note-perfect guitar solos and soft yet pacy drumming. 

Ready to hear it for yourself? Head over to Spotify now to stream the single. Oh Romance have been steadily teasing news for a while now, so you’d be wise to follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to stay clued-up on all the latest.


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