‘Ego’ — The Ivies — Single review

The Liverpudlian psychedelic rockers, The Ivies, are back with their most accomplished material yet. It’s a fact they note themselves, but you’ll identify when you spin brand-new ‘Ego’ yourself, too.

Why so ambitious? It’s packed with reversed guitars, slick chord progressions and even the odd trumpet and flute accompaniment for good measure. It’s wholly immersive as well, which is, in part, down to its gentler, more absorbing pace, but also its questioning lyrics around who really are we?

As a bonus, in case you’re into your two-for-ones, there’s also a B-side available: ‘Imbalance’. It acts as an extra incentive to get down to see them live as soon as you can.

Both tracks are available to stream on Spotify now, and you can follow The Ivies through the social links in their artist bio. Enjoy!

Image credit: The Ivies

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