Interview with Violet Lewis

It’s a joy to introduce you to another female artist from the USA. Say hi to Violet Lewis and get ready to savour her superb new single, ‘Fake Nails’.


Hi Violet, how are you?

I’m good, thanks.

How’s pandemic life been for you over the last 18 months? Whereabouts in the States are you based?

These last 18 months have been crazy. I had been living in New York when the pandemic initially hit, but I flew home to Los Angeles to quarantine. During those early months, the only way I really got out of the house was by working the cash register at the Laurel Canyon Country Store, which has a cool history as the old meet-up spot of rockers like Jim Morrison, Frank Zappa and Joni Mitchell. I found that environment to be really inspiring; there was a very unique energy there.

The beginning of the pandemic almost forced me to spend time sitting with my thoughts and trying to make sense of them, and the way I did it was with a notebook and my guitar.

Over the following months, I then wrote and recorded my upcoming EP, including my latest single, ‘Fake Nails’ (which is now available on all streaming platforms). During the summer, I finalised my upcoming releases, gigged and played guitar in LA band Urns & Argyles. I also took online classes at Berklee College of Music. This past September, I moved to Boston to attend these classes in person.

Tell us how and when you got into music.

Wow, that goes way back. I can’t remember a time where music wasn’t a huge part of my life. I fell in love with it as a kid because it was the first thing that made me feel like I had a voice. That feeling’s never gone away.

Which bands and artists have inspired you the most?

My biggest inspiration is Elliott Smith, easily. I think he’s brilliant. Years after I’d started songwriting and playing guitar, I remember being 15 and hearing his album ‘Either/ Or’ for the first time. The way I thought about songwriting, lyricism and harmony then totally changed.

If you could tour with any three musicians, who would they be?

A dream would be to tour with Patti Smith; I think she’s so cool. I’m a massive fan of both her music and her writing. But there are so many others. Some current artists I’m into are Snail Mail and Andy Shauf.

Talk us through how your new single, ‘Fake Nails’, has been received.

‘Fake Nails’ has been met with so much love and support, I’m thrilled. I think, oftentimes, it can be kind of hard to catch people’s attention with a soft, acoustic song, especially during an age of TikTok dances and trends. The song’s also received some great press and it’s been aired on some radio stations, which was really cool!

What’s next on the list for 2021?

I’ve got some exciting announcements coming up over the next few months!

Image credit: Violet Lewis

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