Interview with Wes King

Meet Wes King, the Tres Kings vocalist gone solo. He hails from Kent but his tunes ooze that Oasis-style Manchester music vibe…

Wes King. Image via Moon Man PR


Hiya Wes, how are you?

Good, thank you!

How’s it going now that you’re progressing your solo material? And how has the brand-new EP, ‘Easy Art’, been received so far?

It’s all going really nicely and, overall, the EP’s been well received. I think these songs will grow on people over time, too. Singles are easier to push out with a bang, as people’s attention span is typically a lot shorter nowadays. So, I didn’t expect an EP to explode like the singles did, but here we are!

So, which artists have influenced you the most?

From the songs I write, you can probably hear the Manchester influences, so that’s fairly obvious. Although, I’d say that’s fairly recent. I wasn’t about in the ’90s and never explored that decade’s output until fairly recently, but I’m certainly inspired by it.

My music taste is so broad that I’m not sure who technically inspires me the most, though. But I’d have to mention David Bowie here; he didn’t stick to a genre, and I love that. I found him fascinating, even though I don’t actually like all his music.

If you could headline any venue around the world, which would it be?

Ah that’s an easy one! I remember seeing The Rolling Stones at Wembley Stadium and thinking, wow, what a feeling that must be. Any big stage with a decent atmosphere, though. Or bring back major concerts such as Live Aid. Watching that on the TV gave me the same feeling as a kid.

What’s next on the horizon then?

More tunes. I like the idea of an album, but I think people generally lean more towards singles these days.

I should mention as well that I might possibly have a stage name change. The internet gets me mixed up with a gospel singer from the US and my gigs sometimes get put on his Spotify as well. Pretty funny…

Other than that, I’ll just keep doing my thing, but on a bigger scale. Maybe get a band behind me for the live shows, too!

Wes King. Image via Moon Man PR

So go on, give Wes a follow on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest, and spin his songs on Spotify.

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