Interview with Kardo

After witnessing them kick off proceedings at Broadcast on 18th September (before White Novels and Sarpa Salpa), it was essential to chat to Kardo. They’ve achieved plenty pre-pandemic and have a whole lot more in the pipeline…


Hi James, how’s it going?

Really well, thanks!

How’s 2021 been for you so far?

It’s been a challenging and frustrating year, from cancelled and delayed gigs to so much uncertainty generally. But, finally, we’re starting to see some normality! Gig life is back and as good as ever, so it looks like it’ll be a great end to a weird year (touch wood).

You recently played Broadcast and you were INSANE. How was it being on stage again?

Thank you, we loved it! That’s our second time back on the stage since March 2020 and it feels even better. The nerves have gone and I’m more comfortable than before as a frontman. It’s good to be back!

Which other venues have you played so far? And, of those, which have been the highlights?

Our first taste of the Glasgow music scene was the Priory. We then had stints at The Record Factory, Room 2 and The Old Hairdresser’s, to name a few. However, the most notable would have to be our three shows at King Tut’s. The biggest highlight of that was selling out with the initial headliners, then getting our own headline slot there.

Very nice indeed! So, how did you form Kardo and when?

Kardo, as we’re now known, formed in 2017. Initially as just two pals; myself and Sam Carlton (lead guitarist), with Scott Carlton (Sam’s dad and our unofficial manager) jamming alongside us in their garage/home studio, and writing and recording some songs. Then we were joined by our mate Ollie (bass) and began our live venture, before completing the line-up with the addition of Courtney Campbell on drums in 2019.

Which bands and artists have inspired you the most?

We must be the most musically diverse band around, reflected by our personal releases (choose a genre, troops haha). But typically, our music has been heavily influenced by bands such as The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, The Killers and many more.

However, a huge inspiration for myself at the moment are The Snuts. They’re local boys with very similar backgrounds to ourselves and they’re currently taking the music world by storm. That’s the goal.

Aside from music, what kept you occupied during the lockdowns?

Golf! Mostly anyway haha. Zoom quizzes were pretty common as well. Socially-distanced cocktail dates in the garden with my girlfriend, too, plus I also celebrated my 21st with a boozy Zoom party.

What’s the plan for the rest of the year then?

We’ll be continuing our busy work in the studio and we’re looking to get plenty of dates in the diaries for more shows in 2022 (promoters, we want to hear from you!). Next up is The Bungalow on 18th November.

As for new releases, well, who knows? Album two may be closer than you think…

Image credit: Kardo

Ready for more from Kardo? Jump onto Spotify for their tunes now, and follow their Instagram and Facebook pages, too.

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