‘Jamaica’ — Gaby Kettle — Single review 

It’s been a while since we interviewed rising Birmingham-based songstress, Gaby Kettle, here on Record Weekly, but she’s been busy refining and polishing her latest single, ‘Jamaica’. Soulful beats with pop melodies and elements of jazz are her niche, and she nails every note with her classically trained vocals. There’s something very Jessie Ware or even Celeste about Gaby Kettle, too, which means she’s on course for greatness. 

Funky bass riffs and an upbeat groove underpin ‘Jamaica’, a track that enjoyed a remote recording during lockdown. But this is another fine example of music that hasn’t been compromised despite the restrictions — in fact, the singer’s going from strength to strength with her releases. 

The song focuses on the themes of being present and in the moment. Enjoy what comes your way and drink in the paradise around you? Yep, we can do that. It’s blissfully tranquil and gentle, with an ascending drum beat and a few post-tropical instrumental parts as well.

You can spin Gaby’s material over on Spotify and YouTube, and give her socials a follow while you’re at it. She’s on Instagram and Facebook.

Image credit: Gaby Kettle

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