‘I Think I’m Fallin’’ — The A.V. Club — Single review 

There’s no slowing The A.V. Club down. They’ve been gigging recently, while still plugging away with recording, too. And here we have the latest of their newbies to drop, ‘I Think I’m Fallin’’. 

The Warrington indie-poppers can’t help but ooze The 1975 and Fickle Friends vibes with their tunes — especially the latter as well, now that Joe and Freya co-sing. There’s an old-school balladic nostalgia to this just-landed piece, with its punchy synths, almost distorted elements and harmonies snatching the limelight. The fierce undertones of the bass push this forward as one of their catchiest, too, and it’s the sort of tune that’ll whip crowds into frenzies or act nicely as an encore track. 

The lyrical notions of excitement and hesitance come through, which is almost ironic, in as much as there’s no denying the talent of this outfit and that they’re going places. 

So, give this new offering and their prior hits a whirl on Spotify. And they’re on Facebook and Instagram if you aren’t already following their socials.

Image credit: The A.V. Club

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