DJs back on the decks: Reeshy

Outdoor dining has been back on for a couple of weeks, in light of some COVID restrictions lifting. This isn’t just good news for bevs in sun-blushed beer gardens — DJs have returned to their decks outside, too.

Leeds’ Reeshy, who we interviewed last year, has given us the lowdown on how grand it is to be administering the tunes and what’s coming soon…


“So, full restrictions are still in place until 21st June, which we’re all really hoping are properly lifted at that point. But there’s a fair bit going on until then. 

Last weekend, I played Alfresco, which was part of ‘Escape to Freight Island’ in Manchester. It was amazing. We had the booth monitors turned up really loudly, so it felt like I was in my own private disco, just me and a friend haha. Such a good vibe. We’re all just excited to be busy again!

Bookings are really coming in now, and I’ve got quite a lot on the agenda. I’m playing Zuku in Liverpool and Ritmo London at Starlane Pizza Bar — that one will still have restrictions though, as it’s in early June. I’ll also be at The Cause in London on 15th May. All these events are either sold out or just about — they’ve been selling really quickly! 

I’ll also be at MiNT Warehouse on 21st June — well, playing at about a minute past midnight then. Loads of good bookings though.

As for international DJs, nobody knows who can fly when and where yet, so we’re all just generally waiting to see what happens. 

It’s incredible to be back playing for people. It’s really refreshing and I feel so blessed to be spinning music again, after all that’s gone on, and just doing what I love really!”

At a Reeshy DJ set, Angelica, Leeds, 20/09/19

Ready to get out and about for a DJ set or two? SAME. Until then, catch Reeshy on Instagram and Facebook for all the latest.

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