‘Glass Mix 1’ — Citizen — EP review

I didn’t get round to reviewing Citizen’s ‘Life In Your Glass World’ earlier this year, despite it teeming with top tracks. The Toledo-based outfit offers no-nonsense rock finery, so it’s very cool that they’ve just come and dropped this back-to-basics, stripped-down EP. Of the six songs, we’re gifted an acoustic take and a fully alternative version, and both sets are deliciously palatable. 

The styles work equally well on ‘I Want to Kill You’, my favourite of the trio — and one of the knockout anthems from the new album. It’s punchy and abrasive but also sleek and catchy, so it’s just a winner. 

While ‘Death Dance Approximately’ is all thrash-crash in the main, the alternative version begins with this Spanish-style strummed chord progression. It turns something seriously heavy into a sitting-room demo. It’s a fun way to lay their own music bare, and I’ve got plenty of time for it. 

‘Fight Beat’ is the final of the three songs on this experimental EP, which the band put together at the home studio of Matt Kerekes, their vocalist. Again, the track embraces other instruments — notably electronics — where the original might not have been so outwardly exploratory. 

They aren’t trying to one-up themselves here or get into any kind of ratings, but this is a nice little collection of bonus material alright. 

If you only download one track (for its quirkiness), let it be: ‘I Want to Kill You (Alternative Version)’

Original image credit: Spotify

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