‘hollow scene’ — deep tan — Single review

Edgy electronics complement deep tan’s minimalistic new wave, post-punk sound, which makes the Hackney trio’s style so exciting. They’ve returned this month with the colossal new track, ‘hollow scene’, that’s sure to set your weekend ablaze, and then some.

I can draw a few similarities to Warpaint on this just-dropped single, but the quirky synths mask the deep bass rhythm and steady drums with something totally unique. That’s deep tan’s niche and they absolutely nail it. 

There’s a slow, moored beat to ‘hollow scene’, which lends itself to the clarity of the velvety vocals. Each nimble instrumental element adds an unshakeable layer to the track, and it wouldn’t be the same without all the components. This single is effortlessly cool.

This isn’t the first rodeo for deep tan; they have plenty more available to listen to, so get on over to Spotify now. They’re on Instagram and Facebook if you fancy following them, too. 

Original image credit: deep tan

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