‘Smokescreens’ — Static Satellites — Single review

Sandwiched between February’s ‘The Symphony’ and their upcoming EP ‘As The Dark Unfolds’ (due 14th May), Static Satellites are back with a gift: a new single, ‘Smokescreens’. It’s not necessarily the case that a band’s offerings get better and better as they go on, but this Glasgow/West Lothian four-piece shatter that observation completely. They never fail to bring even more incredible songs every time they release something. That’s a fact. 

‘Smokescreens’ has that familiar indie-rock wistfulness about it, which wouldn’t be out of place among The National’s back catalogue. Through Ciaran’s solid drumming, Ally and Sam’s harmonious fusion of lead and bass guitars and Ross’ deep-but-soft, Scots-twang vocals, you get a gentle melody that’s upbeat all the while. It’s no wonder the lads speak of how well received it was at their last pre-lockdown gig in Glasgow! 

It’s on course to enjoy the same amount of — if not more — radio time as their previous tracks. BBC Radio Scotland and Amazing Radio have spun their songs before, so I reckon we should prepare to hear ‘Smokescreens’ on there, too. Plus, while bands like The Snuts are really taking off, they’re going to pave the way for similar artists to follow in their footsteps — and I’d bet on Static Satellites being among them. 

If you’re into the tune and prefer to support your local businesses, you can also get your hands on some promotional cotton t-shirts from a Glasgow-based manufacturer via the band’s website. 

Image credit: Static Satellites

To hear ’Smokescreens’ and ready yourself for the EP, head to Spotify, SoundCloud, Instagram and Facebook for more. 

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