Interview with BÖHMEN

We’re all about showcasing new bands here at Record Weekly, so come and get acquainted with BÖHMEN. By their own Instagram bio admission, they deliver ‘pop-like bounce and hard-hitting riffs’. Excellent.


Hi guys, how are you?

Yeah, doing well thanks. Glad the weather’s nicer, finally!

How’s everyone feeling now that restrictions are nearly almost all eased? Who’s been frequenting the pub?

I’m pleased that things are going back to normal. And I’ve definitely been down the pub my fair share already, not going to lie to you.

Haha nice! Now, I came across BÖHMEN a little while ago on Instagram. The Ninth Wave had asked fans who they should bring on tour when they play Manchester and you featured on their stories. Has anything come of that?

Ah yeah, nothing’s come of that yet, if I’m not mistaken, but I was surprised and happy at the response we got to it.

Yeah, no doubt! So, tell us about how and when the band began.

The band began back in Shropshire in 2018. Archie founded the original outfit, and I [Greg] was actually brought in on bass guitar at first, but swiftly became lead guitarist. Although we met at college in Shrewsbury, we almost had another start after we both moved to Manchester for uni. That’s when Stan got tagged in a Facebook post of ours, advertising for a drummer.

What have been your biggest achievements to date?

Oh, that’s a tough one, there have been a couple of moments I’ve been particularly proud of. I’d definitely have to say releasing our first single ‘Torrent’ and playing Shropfest, one of the bigger festivals in the county, were both up there.

Which artists have had the most influence on your sound?

I can’t speak for everyone, as I think we all draw from our own unique places but, for me, it’s been a wide mix of bands. Certainly The Amazons, The Cult, Otherkin and ONE OK ROCK.

What’s in the pipeline for 2021? Can you let slip any new release spoilers?

After 21st June (despite that not being such a massively impactful date now), we’ve got a pretty packed year of gigs — including one at Lock 91 in Manchester on 14th October — and new music. I can’t give too much away haha, but stay tuned over the next month or two for a possible release…

Image credit: BÖHMEN via Vanquish Music

It sounds like BÖHMEN are on the cusp of things getting busier and even more exciting, so stay in-the-know via their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify pages.

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