Classy Lassy and Friends launch cassettes for Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH)

There are good causes and great ones, and this certainly falls into the latter category. Classy Lassy (Lou Rogers), Strictly Scotland (Stuart Macaulay) and Pinstripe Records (Rory Barnes) have teamed up for a very special instalment of Classy Lassy and Friends to raise money and awareness for Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH)

What are they launching? None other than a 12-track cassette! It’s the ideal, exciting throwback to the days of tapes, all while showcasing some of Scotland’s modern-era, rising stars and shining a light on mental health. You’ll also be able to source bundles alongside the standard cassettes, which will give you a digital download plus a t-shirt. 

The cassettes are split into two distinct sides and will feature these immensely talented artists:

Side A (The Dark Side) includes: Weekend Debt, Pizza Crunch, Cherry Bleach, Velvet, Hazeydays and T-A. While Side B (The Light Side) covers: Pretty Preachers Club, Eleanor Hickey, Dictator, Konner, Gus Harrower and Kodak Ghosts.

Head to Instagram to find more about these collaborative cassettes on Stuart’s page or over at Classy Lassy Management & PR. You can order your cassette here.

Image credit: Pizza Crunch
Image credit: T-A
Image credit: Hazeydays

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