‘Vampire’ — Saint Agnes — Mini-album review

Saint Agnes, a four-piece from East London, aren’t a quiet band. Half measures don’t mix with their particular brand of ferocious rock. And after all the storming singles they’ve brought our way, we’ve finally been delivered something even more satisfying. 

‘Vampire’ is a feisty six-track mini-album, which not only encompasses the riotously catchy pop-rock banger with the same title, but the punch-you-square-between-the-eyes ‘Repent’, an opening piece that’s as brazen as it is heavy. This piercing track is all shredding riffs, muffled vocals and shattering drums. What a way to kick things off!

As I mentioned, ‘Vampire’, which follows on from ‘Repent’, is a thriller. Searing electronics and token screams bleed into the verses, but it’s that addictive chorus that’ll be lodged in your head for hours to come. Problem? Not here — it’s such a sweet tune, there’s no two ways about it. 

‘No Pussy Blues’ is slower, with some screechy synths in the mix. It doesn’t totally hit the mark for me, but only because it’s just that bit softer. The dynamic shifts once more on ‘This World Ain’t Big Enough’, with its horror-film dramatics and haunting piano keys. A similar sound seeps into the eerie ‘I’m With You Everywhere You Go’, which showcases Kitty Arabella Austen’s confidence in switching between angelic, melodic vocals and a more ‘shouted’ style.

Scuzzy riffs are the plat du jour on the final track, ‘Wish’, which brings this mini-album from Saint Agnes almost full circle. It fits back in with the same mould as ‘Repent’ and ‘Vampire’, which are the standouts for me. 

Edited image originally via Spotify

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