Why you might not get excited about live streams

You’re always going to gigs. You’re constantly listening to music. You’re into a mix of artists. But you’re not game for a live stream at the drop of a hat. Why?

Screen time: it’s as simple as that. Zoom/Teams fatigue is real — we’ve all been drained and wondered quite why, when perhaps all we’ve done is a full day’s work in the comfort of our own home. Whether you’re similar to me and a religious daily walker and exerciser or not, it doesn’t take much to be really tired during lockdown. 

If your eyes are bleary and you can’t bring yourself to spend an evening watching a live-streamed gig after eight/nine hours in front of a laptop, which has included various meetings, you’re not alone. You’ve got to be in the mood for a live stream, I reckon, so that’s why you might not be getting excited about them. And, while it’s a pretty slick backup for bands, a live stream isn’t quite the same as heading off to a sweaty, sticky-floored venue to see them on stage. I know it, they know it, events promoters know it, too. But what can we do? We’re in this state and we’ve just got to roll with the punches, whether that means ducking in and out of live streams when you’re up to them or not. 

There are tonnes of live and pre-recorded streams available, so go with the flow and catch one when you can. 


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