Band of 2020: Kid Kapichi

The coveted title of Record Weekly’s Band of 2020 couldn’t go to a more deserving outfit. The humble Hastings four-piece that we know as Kid Kapichi is taking this year’s crown — and quite rightly so. Not only have these gents scored a lot of radio airtime through Jack Saunders, they’ve also rocked European main stages on tour with the mighty Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes. And with their debut album, ‘This Time Next Year’, set for release in early February, they’re bound to be received with welcome arms in 2021 as well. 

Why are we such huge fans of Kid Kapichi? Here are just a few reasons…

They symbolise a no-nonsense sign of the times

There’s no denying that this band is reminiscent of Slaves and IDLES, but Kid Kapichi has its own magic going on. The on-the-money lyrics are accurately cutting, pinpointing societal problems and flaws in abundance. You want to get up onto the table in front of you and make some noise — their cultivated, alt rock sound begs for it. From ‘Sardines’ to ‘Thugs’, ‘Household Shame’ to ‘Self Saboteur’, every angsty riff and hook has purpose and meaning, and it offers an outlet for those feeling bewildered and disillusioned by the sorry state of not just the UK, but the world. 

They’re one of the artists we managed to see pre-pandemic fallout

Somewhat miraculously, Kid Kapichi played Leeds’ glorious Oporto right at the beginning of March. Back then, there were whispers about Coronavirus, but nobody was too unnerved. The crowd was still suitably whipped up into a frenzy by Catholic Action and our good pals Fudge., before Kid Kapichi even took to their instruments. But as they worked through their back catalogue of feisty, fist-pump-worthy tunes, everything else faded away and it was one of the most immersive and exciting gigs we’ve been to for a while — and we’re regular attendees. 

Every single tune is massive

It’s easy to write that every track produced by them is nothing short of insane, but it’s no word of a lie either. ‘Puppet Strings’ was the first ever song of theirs that came to our attention and, well, there was instant appeal. From then on, it was a case of scouring Spotify for everything else this ferocious foursome had released — and there was never any disappointment. The catchiness of ‘Glitterati’ makes it one slick number alright, while ‘Death Dips’ has a sort of endearingly menacing undertone. If you didn’t rinse ‘Working Man’s Town’ this year too, then what did you even do? 

So, yep, in short, we’re mega-fans of Kid Kapichi, which is why we couldn’t think of an artist better primed to be our Band of 2020. Call us lame if you must, but we’re also chuffed that we’re now part of their official Facebook ‘Klub Kapichi’, too. 

While it goes without saying that 5th February (AKA their album release date) can’t come soon enough, we know we’re not the only ones who are giddy with anticipation. 

Kid Kapichi, Oporto, March 2020.

Not yet familiar with Kid Kapichi? Catch up with our Oporto gig review and Artist Spotlight now. You can also spy the lads over on their socials — there’s all sorts of gold over on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

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