Interview with God Damn

We were really excited to catch up with Thom from God Damn to give you guys an intro to the band and talk about their standout moments so far…


Hi, how are you all?

Not bad thank you!

Tell us a bit about how you formed and where it all began for God Damn.

About a decade ago, myself (Thom) and Ash had been playing together since we were teens in an indie band and decided to do something a bit more intense and visceral with our mate Dave. It all started as a bit of a side project to just be gross, piss people off and let off some steam. 

You’ve toured with some massive artists over the years — can you sum up some of your favourite or the most momentous experiences?

Well, there’s the obvious one. Playing with Foo Fighters and then being asked to come back and play with them again. That kind of felt like job done in many ways!

Being on the Red Fang/Torche tour also seemed as though we’d been accepted into that riff-rock fold. Getting to tour the world, meet new people and not just hang about in service stations has been the better side of it. 

With so many heavy rock, metal and grunge elements to your material, who would you say has influenced your sound the most? 

Well, when I was a teen, I pretty much played Nirvana covers all through high school. That loud/quiet thing never really left me I guess, which then opened the door to doom, punk, hardcore et al. All the heavyweights in those fields inspired me I guess, but I’m open to anything raw and real.

That being said, I’m going through an obsession phase with the band Big Black at the moment, which is raw, yes, but also has that industrial drum machine thing going on.

The pandemic fallout and lockdowns are taking their toll on everyone. It’s been especially detrimental to the entertainment industry. As musicians, how have you found it? Have you picked up any new hobbies personally, too?

I know Ash has taken his diet seriously and is looking in great shape, while I’m trying to get out on my bike more. To be honest, I’ve been playing more guitar than ever, literally just sitting down with no limits or suspicions of my normal habits. It’s been a reconnection with the instrument that I haven’t quite felt since I was in my childhood bedroom, frustrated, with nothing else to do. 

You’ve been added to the 2000trees Festival line-up for 2021 — how does that feel? Who are you most excited to play alongside and see on stage?

On our day, Haggard Cat and Dinosaur Pile-Up are OG pals who I’m fond of. Other than that, I’m really open to the fresh talent they’re putting forward. 

Of all the venues you’ve ever played, which has been your best to date?

Emirates Stadium has to be up there, but some of the smaller, more interesting ones we love are great, too, like Deaf Institute and this wicked little punk rock commune in Stockholm called Kafé 44. There’s so many wee circuit venues that we hold close to our heart, though. 

If there was one iconic venue you could headline but haven’t yet, which would it be?

Something like O2 Academy Brixton would be ridiculous, or Ally Pally.

While we’ve got you, can you tease any new releases on the horizon?

We’re working on something as we speak…

Image credit: Thom of God Damn

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