Interview with Queensway

Seeking a boisterous new band to get into? Cue Queensway, a punchy rock outfit from Essex. With their new EP, ‘Nightlife’, on the way soon, we had a chat about what they’ve got going on…

Image credit: Queensway


Hiya guys, how are you doing?

We’re good thank you!

Let’s get straight to it — how did you form Queensway?

Queensway was kick-started in 2019 by frontman Bennie, as he wanted to be more than a one-man band. Bennie and Lucas met at a house party, then we found Teddy and our old guitarist, Alex, online.

What’s life been like in Essex during lockdown? Have you picked up any new hobbies at all?

In lockdown, we’ve actually been really busy working on our new EP, which we’re really pleased to say is coming out this month!

I guess a new hobby for us has been eating a lot of Mini Cheddars…

Eating your way through lockdown is essential! Have you had to cancel or postpone gigs or releases due to the pandemic’s impact?

Yeah, we had to cancel our headline at The Water Rats. Luckily, we have just been working on so much music together that we’ve generally really enjoyed lockdown.

We’ve been enjoying familiarising ourselves with your tunes. Your angsty tracks are reminiscent of The Chats or a young IDLES, but who have been your influences?

Ah thanks for that! We really like Gorillaz and Buzzcocks, to name just two, but our influences are all over the place. There’s a bit of all sorts in the mix.

Two solid choices! So, what’s next for the band? Can you tease any new music?

Absolutely — as we mentioned, the new EP is out very, very soon. We spent the whole of the other day taking the cover shots, which was exciting. So watch this space!

Image credit: Queensway

Queensway’s ‘Nightlife’ EP is set to drop on 26th September. In the meantime, you can find out more on their Facebook and Instagram.

Image credit: Queensway

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