Interview with Old Man’s Money

For the first time in Record Weekly, we’ve taken our interviews across the pond — well, via the internet, anyway…

We caught up with none other than LA’s Old Man’s Money, and we’re really excited to share our chat with them.

Image credit: Old Man’s Money & MJW Management


Hi guys, how are you doing?

Hey, we’re good — all things considered. Feeling lucky to be able to still make music through these tough times.

How did you form Old Man’s Money?

Well, two of us have been playing since we were 16, and we’ve been in some kind of band together ever since. We got chatting about music in physics class and went to a gig to see a band called The Metros. After uni, we moved out to LA and met our drummer and bassist, both through Instagram and connections. We’ve been through a few LA-based line-ups.

You’re still based in LA — is that right? What’s the music scene like over there?

Yeah that’s right. COVID aside, we love the local scene; there are plenty of gigs and we’ve played with some cracking local bands.

On one hand, it’s great because you can actually enjoy the gigs you play as an audience member. On the other, it’s super competitive to get the good support slots, etc.

The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted on everyone hugely, but the entertainment industry has been one of the worst hit. What’s changed for you guys?

Well, we haven’t rehearsed in almost eight months now, so that and the lack of gigs has been the main difference.

We really miss getting in a room together and jamming out ideas. Recording-wise, we’ve always done that in a remote way, so, fortunately, there has been no slow down for us there. If anything, we’ve been more productive than usual!

Image credit: Old Man’s Money & MJW Management

What would’ve been on your calendar of shows and festivals this summer? Have you been able to rearrange events?

We certainly had planned to move beyond LA for some shows this summer. We had plans for shows in San Diego, Las Vegas and various spots in Northern California.

At the moment, everything is on an indefinite hold. As much as we want to get back to playing, there really is no need to risk anyone’s safety.

It’s such a tough one, but that sounds like a wise call. In the meantime, can you talk us through your latest release?

Our latest single ‘Red Lights’ is the final version of an idea that has been sitting on the demo pile for a few years. Our guitarist kept trying different incarnations and they never quite landed with the whole band. We started jamming on it one rehearsal and it just clicked with another riff we had been working on. So the two parts came together and made something we’re really proud of!

It’s a great track! And while we’ve got you, can you cheekily tease any other upcoming material?

‘Red Lights’ is the first of a five-track release plan taking us through to the end of 2020. Watch this space…

Image credit: Old Man’s Money & MJW Management

There’s a lot in the pipeline for the band, so the best way to stay connected is to follow them on Instagram and Facebook. Their tunes are also ready to be enjoyed on Spotify.

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