Artist spotlight: Arlo Parks

Artist spotlight: Arlo Parks

The most blissfully angelic tones resonate from the lungs of Arlo Parks. I’ll always regret not making it in time for her set as support for Loyle Carner last November. 

A brief blurb

The South London singer-songwriter has been celebrated for her poetic indie-folk hooks, humble words and honest messages. Her dreamy vocal quality is deliriously spellbinding, so don’t be surprised if you get a tad teary.

Parks’ 2018 single ‘Cola’ was a hit, and she’s been climbing the ranks since. So much so, the BBC recognised her as a major player in their acclaimed Sound of 2020 poll. The 19-year-old also managed to release ‘Eugene’ not long before the Coronavirus pandemic took hold, and ‘Black Dog’ more recently, which have both received decent praise. This is certainly just the beginning of what we’ll get from Parks. She’s a talent to be reckoned with, that’s for sure…

Arlo Parks’ live Glastonbury 2020 acoustic set. Still courtesy of BBC Music’s YouTube channel

Top tracks

Here’s an amuse-bouche to get you acquainted:


‘Black Dog’



‘Angel’s Song’


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