‘Club Kids’/‘Millennial’ — Bubbatrees — Double single review

When I caught up with Bubbatrees last month, they were on the cusp of releasing not one, but two new singles. Their frontman, Andy, stated that the subject matter tied the two tracks together harmoniously, so why wouldn’t they drop them at the same time? That rationale makes complete sense, and so do the two pieces when you play them consecutively. 

The collective of New York eccentrics explored on ‘Club Kids’ is an ode to the group that went by that name. The fusion of electronics and pop hooks bring dancefloor grooves in spades and, maybe it’s just the lockdown withdrawals kicking in, but it makes me want to be out partying until 3am to DJ sets. Pronto. If you’re a sucker for slick ‘80s synths, you’ve just struck gold. And I assure you the euphoric vibe isn’t all you get from the track — echoing vocals, a solid beat and a guitar solo that The Cure would be proud of are all sewn together, in turn creating ‘Club Kids’. 

Just when you thought you’d have to replay the song to keep the nostalgic sounds going, you remember the Bubbatrees lads have gifted us a second single as part of the same release. Smart stuff, and very much appreciated. In fact, the infectiously dreamy disco-pop of ‘Club Kids’ is actually amplified in ‘Millennials’. It’s got a bit of MGMT in there, and perhaps a touch of Delphic (if you recall them?), Two Door Cinema Club and Saint Raymond, too. And who would complain about that? 

Both these tracks are just what we need in the dismal, dull greys of the locked-down situation. They’re beams of light that project straight to buzzing bars. 

You can listen to all Bubbatrees’ material, including ‘Club Kids’ and ‘Millennial’, on Spotify and SoundCloud now. 

Image credit: Bubbatrees/Chilato Music

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