Artist spotlight: The Ninth Wave

Last June, I went to see YONAKA conquer the sweat pit that was Leeds’ The Wardrobe. The venue was packed and I soon regretted my choice of shirt (roasting much?), but I was chuffed that I got there at the time I did. I somehow managed to nab a great spot in the crowd to witness The Ninth Wave’s set. 

A brief blurb

The Ninth Wave is a post-punk band that hails from Glasgow and exhibits a similar sound to Drab Majesty, if you will. While Haydn and Millie both provide vocals for their incredibly compelling electronic-meets-rock blueprint, their live band members sometimes rotate. The pair formed the outfit together after being longstanding friends. There’s something dark and mysterious about their blend of synth-pop, but it’s utterly spellbinding. Ever since seeing them play last year, I’ve been trying to get myself to one of their shows and enjoy their commanding performance for a second time. 

They have a series of singles and EPs to their name, but their only full studio album, ‘Infancy’, was certifiably enchanting. It’s an album I keep returning to, over and over again. 


Top tracks

Here’s an amuse-bouche to get you acquainted:

► ‘Sometimes the Silence is Sweeter’

Half Pure’

► ‘This Broken Design’

► ‘Flower into Wounds’

► ‘Human Behaviour’

FYI: They also released their most recent single, ‘I’m Only Going to Hurt You’, today.

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