Live Nation announces summer drive-in gigs

Thought small gigs were intimate? Well, how about experiencing music on a larger scale, from the comfort of your own car? 

For those with vehicles, summer drive-in gigs are Live Nation’s latest endeavour. They could be a really fun and niche scenario in which to see some incredible artists perform. But, if, like me, you navigate life generally on foot, using trains and Ubers when necessary, the option won’t really be available. Fingers crossed sharing cars will be viable by then…

What’s the plan? Well, dear old Leeds is on the list of cities to host these drive-in gigs this summer, along with Bristol, Edinburgh, Liverpool, London and Teesside, plus many others. Stadiums, arenas and airports seem to be the venues of choice. Live Nation believes it to be the safest way to follow the government’s social distancing rules, while providing eager gig-goers the music they crave, in turn giving bands the opportunity to still play without a full tour in operation. It’s an all-round win, surely? 

So far, the scheduled list is relatively minimal, but it’s better than nothing! Among the artists who’ll put tickets on sale for these drive-in gigs are The Streets, The Snuts, Jack Savoretti, Embrace and Skindred, to name a handful. 

As Edinburgh’s on the list of drive-in gig destinations, here’s a photo of the stunning city from my trip earlier this year.

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