We need to save our grassroots music venues

On top of everything else that’s spiralling out of control in this virus-dominated world, our grassroots music venues are in imminent danger of foreclosure. 

According to the #SaveOurVenues website that’s at the helm of the initiative to rescue these places from peril, 556 sites across the UK could be affected. While it’s been bad enough that we can’t go to any gigs, the fantastic teams that keep these pubs, bars and live music joints running smoothly are experiencing incredible hardship. 

Within one click of the website, you’ll see how widespread and important this is. The crowdfunding page to help save these venues states we have don’t have long. We need to act now, and fast. So, if you have a strong bond with music and simply can’t see your favourite local venues go to rack and ruin, you’ll find donation info online. 

I, for one, would miss Leeds’ Oporto hugely. Sure, the space is a wee bit on the small side, but that’s all part of its charm and intimate appeal. It’s hosted so many epic talents, too. And what about the bands that are just starting out? Without these humble venues, it might well shape the future for these artists, in that securing gigs might become harder. It’s nowhere near time to say goodbye to all that yet…


Circa Waves, Brudenell Social Club, 14/03/20.

(Note: this article is just an opinion piece, without any partnerships or associations)

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