Polo, Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen

Ironically, the day was a Sunday, but it hadn’t been my day of rest…

After a big gym session to get rid of any residual hangover symptoms, all I needed was more sleep, so I can’t say I was in the best mood for a gig. But thankfully, Leeds’ Polo didn’t disappoint.

Before Polo took to Belgrave’s stage at the past-my-Sunday-bedtime 10pm slot, they were preceded by some seriously decent support acts. I turned up halfway through Artio’s set and, frankly, was kicking myself for not having got there sooner. With absolute bangers including ‘Blood Brother’ and latest release, ‘Hide Them from Me’, they pack one hell of a synth-led punch.

Their heavy electronics paved the way nicely for Jackie Mendoza, a Mexican-American electro-pop force to be reckoned with. Her wails and pitchy melodies enchanted the crowd, and she even plugged in her electric ukulele for a few tracks. Her whimsical reggaeton-meets-dance tracks were unusually attention-grabbing — especially when sewn together with bilingual lyrics.

As much as I was a big fan of what I’d heard pre-Polo, the headline act really shone. I got into Polo only six months ago, but was instantly intrigued by how Kat McHugh’s vocals, given that she’s from Yorkshire, were so uncannily comparable to that of Banks. Not sure if that’s a common similarity that people draw on? But it makes Polo’s infectious indie-pop choruses all the more incredible.

Every single bassy, electronic beat they played was seamless. From the new ‘Hula’ to soon-to-be-released ‘Witch-hunt’ (if they decide to call it that), old fave ‘Gold Horizons’ to ‘On My End’, they couldn’t have ordered their set better.

What a top way to round off a weekend.


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