Fudge., Lending Room

When you’ve seen Fudge. play four times in almost as many months, you learn to know what to expect. And of the lot, it’s their energy that never ceases to amaze. Back in mid-October, their Lending Room gig was a special one too, being the launch event of their latest single, ‘Hugger-Mugger’.

Out of the three support acts that preceded Fudge., smoky-eyed Havanas stood out as the best. They’re young, feisty and producing the sort of riffs any punk band worth their salt would be proud of.

When it came to the main event, Fudge.’s set started almost without warning; Angus’ drumming stitching the whole show together before Otto and Josh join and Cam swans onto the stage. As per, a crowd of young, animated moshers formed, expectantly waiting to flail their bodies around and potentially be thrown from the stage. Personally, I’m a broken ankle waiting to happen, so I’m pleased to watch from the safe sidelines…

Along with the big new banger, ‘Hugger-Mugger’, the boys worked through their older singles, ‘Walrus’ and ‘Not a Threat, Just a Warning’. But it’s the mighty ‘Testify’ that typically stirs up more chaos.

Having previously conquered the Lending Room, Fudge. know how to manipulate the environment — Cam eventually made it on to the bar, and into the crowd himself at different points.

They know what they’re doing, they’ve quite the fanbase and the reviews they receive are always full of praise. They took on the Leeds and Reading Festivals, alongside Bingley Weekender, back in August and September, and have promised more excitement over the coming months. Let’s wait and see…


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