Late 2018 Gigs: Flohio

Energetic female MC at Headrow House

I’d first found Flohio on Spotify. With such an incredible flow on such powerful tracks, how could I say no to getting tickets to her Headrow gig? They weren’t pricey at all, but could’ve been a risky choice as I knew I’d be hanging on the day, after a Christmas do.

This was another example of a time I’d rocked up a bit premature, but time passed pretty fast during two support acts and then she was on. I say ‘on’, but there were about ten of us in the crowd, so she ditched the stage and positioned herself on the floor, with us semi-circled around her.

You could feel her unrivalled presence, enthusiasm and passion throughout the whole set. Cool, calm, collected — she was the lot. The tracks she did with God Colony are my favourites, so I was stoked when she performed ‘Se16’ and ‘Fights’. But you got the sense that ‘Wild Yout’ was the main one she was there to play.

Afterwards, you could tell that she was humbled that we all came, by the way she graciously thanked us all for being there. I also had a chat (and a hug, yessss!) with her, which was a properly sweet way to end the night.

Flohio has been tipped across various critics’ lists for 2019, so prepare to see her name around a lot more…

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