Artist spotlight: Kamaal Williams

If you’re a fan of smooth jazz, I dare you not to be excited by Kamaal Williams’ sophomore album, ‘Wu Hen’. It’s a collection of easy-to-listen-to hits that packs a peppering of summer vibes. The London-based artist has been making waves since 2016 and often dabbles in electronic music production on the side.

Kamaal Williams. Image screenshot sourced via Spotify

A brief blurb

To give you more of an insight into the mastermind behind the soulful hooks of ‘Wu Hen’, Williams is documented to have had an increasing interest in Chinese calligraphy growing up. He later turned to music and that’s where his enjoyment of jazz was spawned, with major influences being John Coltrane and the legendary Miles Davis. While he has a hand in electronica and grime too, it’s evident that jazz is the predominant driving force in Kamaal Williams’ back catalogue. 

‘Wu Hen’ follows up Williams’ 2018 debut full-length release, ‘The Return’. I can’t claim to have heard of his tunes back then, but I’m definitely working retrospectively through his incredibly powerful jazz pieces now. 


Top tracks

Here’s an amuse-bouche to get you acquainted:

► ‘1989 (ft. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)’

‘One More Time’

► ‘Pigalle’

► ‘Toulouse (ft. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)’

► ‘Hold On (ft. Lauren Faith)’

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