Interview with The Too Late

Indie-pop four-piece The Too Late are readying themselves for more new single drops, gigs around Glasgow and perhaps even a festival… We caught up below.

Image courtesy of Unfound MGMT


Hey guys, how are you all?

We’re very well; we’re still on a high from getting our first few live shows under our belt. Definitely got the bug! We’re looking forward to doing more and playing some shows in other cities.

We also released a new song ‘Just Don’t Tell Me’ recently and it’s going down well, so we’re working hard to get some more tunes out in 2023.

That’s grand! So 2023’s been good to you so far?

Yeah, it’s going great. The live shows have gone well but we’re excited to get more in so we can implement what we’ve learned so far.

We knew it was a big year for shows and song releases, so we’ve been working tirelessly to be as prepared as possible. Since the start of the year, we’ve been working on multiple songs and we’re trying to structure releases around our upcoming live shows. We’re only just getting started, expect some big things to come!

So, talk us through how and when you formed. 

We formed in 2021, with the founding members, Ryan and Connor. We wrote the songs and needed a full band to implement the sound in a live setting as best we/they could. Covid really pushed us into creating a band and giving the dream a starting point.

Over time, Matthew and Donal became invaluable members of the band and, as a four-piece, we all work together on tracks and we feel the standard of these have improved since their involvement.

Donal plays drums and acts as a musical director, while Matthew is the man behind the keys. We’re excited to see how much we’ll progress by the end of the year!

What are your collective influences as a band? 

As a band, we have influences from all backgrounds. As we formed, we [Ryan and Connor] took influence from artists such as Fleetwood Mac, The 1975, Picture This, Lewis Capaldi, The Neighbourhood and much more. Since Donal and Matthew have been involved, the songs have taken a new direction with Matthew taking influence from emotional melodic piano pieces and EDM. Donal has a varied taste, and with being musical director and on drums, you can see the influence he has on the songs since he’s joined.

If you could play any three venues, which would they be?

As a Glaswegian band, we’re absolutely going to say Barrowlands! We would also love to play at Red Rocks; it’s such an iconic venue.

We started the band with the aim of going to the top and we feel we would really suit a festival show, so on that, we’d love to headline Glastonbury one day. We aim to be a band that people come to see a show and it would be amazing to do that at such iconic venues and places.

What are the best things about your local music scene?

It’s always a pleasure meeting bands that we are on the same bill with. This almost always turns into helping support each other, whether it’s via social media or showing up for gigs.

Outwith that, I would say it’s competitive, but in a good way. You know you have to be on your A-game to get noticed to play the bigger venues and events, such as King Tut’s and the Tenement Trail. We find this very motivational and that’s the next goal for us as a band: to play at this year’s Tenement Trail. That could also mean ticking off the Barrowlands.

What’s next on the agenda for you?

Just aiming to play as many shows as possible and release as many songs as we can.

As a band, we’re slightly transitioning into a more electronic sound and aesthetic to suit the summer months. We want to keep people on their toes, and we feel this is the start of a new chapter. We’re aiming to keep our own distinct sound but we’re taking it to a place to show people what we’re about and give something fresh to those who already know.

Our work ethic is something we take pride in and hopefully this leads us to many opportunities to showcase ourselves!

Image courtesy of Unfound MGMT

You can whizz over to The Too Late’s socials now to learn even more about their goings on.

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