Artist spotlight: Metal bands making comebacks

After last October saw the first tour from Alexisonfire in 13 years, it’s interesting to note that this March gifted the return of two giants from my youth — back around the same time I really got into that heavy emo movement that the ‘Crisis’ rockers were integral to. That’s right — we’ve not only had ‘Watch Me Burn’ from Atreyu, which chased up January’s ‘Drowning’, but Avenged Sevenfold’s mighty ‘Nobody’.

So does that mean some bands that were instrumental in soundtracking my early teens are having a resurgence? That’s some exciting comeback news, if so. It certainly looks like that, from Spotify at least, Avenged will be dropping their first studio album since 2013 in June.

If your ears are as keen as mine, I’d become glued to this space…

Original Atreyu artwork via Spotify

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