Dark Arts — February 2023 preview

Dark Arts, the biannual post-punk showcase curated by Super Friendz*, is back on 25th February 2023 to lay on another all-day event for discerning music fans. And it happens to favourably mark the conclusion of a good week-or-so stretch of birthday celebrations for myself. It’s a shining example of the fantastic day-long festivals that Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen have become known for. 

Kicking off from early afternoon, your ears will be treated to a tempting line-up of ten outstanding acts. The event’s likely to build in its darkly mysterious undertones through Eyesore & The Jinx, Mother Said and Human Interest — the latter of which openly pitch themselves as the ‘Cool Cats’ through their as-titled leading track.

While Divorce are fun, energetic and upbeat, they come armed with more of a commercial, pop kind of styling to their post-punk niche. And the male and female co-mic responsibilities just pepper their sound with an edge. 

But one band on the poster who are on the rise is Leeds outfit Adult DVD. Not only does the fact that they come well-recommended already put them ahead of things, but their spirited moniker promises a stir. They’re typically chilled and mellow yet experimental and off-key, and they play around with buttons and electronics to their credit. It’s akin to being inside an old Nintendo game. 

Make sure you’re glued to the stage when Acid Klaus’ exciting, synth-driven throwback vibes are out for delivery. And the angular, OG Foals-esque glimmers of Egyptian Blue allow for some maths rock on the billing. 

The main headliner is Hebden Bridge’s The Lounge Society, who specialise in low vocals, jangly guitars and tight drumming for that proper indie-rock feel. I’m already buzzing for ‘Blood Money’ (that had better be on the setlist!). You’ve also got DEADLETTER, for groovy post-punk at its dictionary-definition finest, and Regressive Left are bound to turn up wielding their jaunty, dance-led, alternative-bridging punk.  

Can’t let this event pass you by? Do the right thing and head to Dice now to grab tickets.

Image courtesy of Super Friendz

*With thanks to Super Friendz for the press access

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