‘Silence’ — Drella — EP review

Energy, pace, angst — Bradford-based three-piece Drella have packed it all into this triumphant four-track EP. Produced as per at Prospect Studios, the band’s latest material is one huge serve of pure feisty rock to be savoured.

It’s good news for those who are already Drella fans, as the lads don’t stray from their carved-out path here. While each track remains reminiscent and on-point with the current tunes they have available to stream, it’s a signature sound they’ve had fun with and manipulated into yet more belters that you can’t stop blasting out.

There’s not a second of filler here; it’s non-stop commotion and raucous behaviour throughout the stabbing riffs, tight drums and coarse vocals.

‘Lie To Me’ is my standout. It’s got all the hallmarks and trappings of modern punk/alt rock, plus a catchy yet fiery hook. And the fast pace of title track, ‘Silence’, is really something. It’s very guitar-led but has this sort of skipping beat. It doesn’t scrimp on bass either. It’s just one example of where they aren’t afraid to push the six-stringed boundaries — and the same goes for the mighty solo on opener ‘Sickly Sweet’.

As for ‘Dirty Valentine’ — the closer — it’s yet more evidence that this band don’t do dull moments. Action-packed is their guarantee on this EP, so get listening now!

Artwork credit: Sophie B

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