‘Every Time’ — Little Planets — Single review

When the feel-good sounds of Little Planets’ glossy new single, ‘Every Time’, hit your ears, you’ll quickly be reminded that January’s not all doom and gloom…

Co-mic responsibilities culminate in the most angelic harmonies between Sophie and Tia, and it’s those spot-on vocals that are at the core of what this Leeds-based band does. And here on this track, you’ve got nostalgia-esque synths layered with plenty of R&B sensibilities and coated with a modern pop sheen, all while the lyrics traverse a theme of finding comfort in an ex. It’s another excellent example of why this outfit excels at not only making music that really makes you want to get up and have a boogie, but they bring of-the-times, relevant conversations to the fore, too. 

So, with tunes like these, it’s no wonder Little Planets are getting more and more gig bookings; eager crowds just gravitate towards them. Go on then — get spinning ‘Every Time’ this second. 

Image courtesy of Little Planets

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