Artist spotlight: Anberlin

2005 called, the ringtone was familiar, I picked up…

But that wasn’t the only year the five-piece emo-rockers released a solid album. So, in the spirit of revisiting music while 2023 gets underway, here’s a bit of blurb on Anberlin.

They came about very much in the same era as Silverstein, Saosin, Say Anything, and other such bands that pierced into that heavy but less commercial noughties punk-rock genre. To their credit, they also tapped into what EA Sports offered musically, as I discovered them through games.

Ultimately, Anberlin are an act that punctuate punch-the-air moments. That’s all down to their shrieking lyrics, stabbing riffs, face-melting solos and harsh drumming. They have this fear-nothing style, so they could provide the soundtrack to your angsty teenage rebellion phase. But they pose just the same enjoyment for me as I approach my thirties, too. And that’s why they seemed fitting for this month’s brief spotlight. Whether they’re known to you or not, switch those speakers on and just get into them.

Original image via Spotify

Top tracks

Here’s an amuse-bouche to get you acquainted:

► ‘Feel Good Drag’

► ‘Paperthin Hymn’

► ‘Little Tyrants’

► ‘Godspeed’

► ‘Two Graves’

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