‘Infants’ — Enfers — Single review

It was September 2021 that I last reviewed material from Leeds-based Enfers. The band had gifted us their debut EP before a hiatus that’s fortunately drawn to a close. While they’ve had a sprinkling of gigs over the past month or so, it’s now that they hit back with a supremely catchy culmination of ‘70s and ‘80s pop influences, on the fabulously addictive ‘Infants’. It’s their first offering in some time and, well, what an excellent one it is!

Co-written by singer, Sam Donley, and guitarist, Jonny Martin, the new single traverses a theme of self-entitlement in late adolescence, whereby a person seemingly shows no responsibility in all they’re doing. Although the lyrics remain true to the subject, the melodies and harmonised vocal pitch provide a shimmery throwback vibe that you can’t help but slot into regular playlist rotation.

There’s a wistfully shoegazy nature to the tune as well. So go on — get back into Enfers by spinning this bold bop on Spotify.

Artwork via Enfers

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