‘Feel Alive’ — Kamora — Single review

It’s official: Kamora are back to smash through the new-release curtain with their new track, ‘Feel Alive’.

The Glasgow-based group remained in motion right throughout the pandemic. With growing successes on Spotify and other streaming platforms, the band have hit the industry fast, and you can expect their new lyrical whisper to top them all.

The first five seconds of a song are always the most important, and Kamora have kept this very much in mind. Like the kick of a horse, the intro fumigates the song and sets the tone for a distinguished listen. A light piano backing can be heard, which transforms the intro into a very nice surprise for me. It’s an element that demands a mix-and-match in instruments and, in turn, quite literally makes you feel alive.

Dipped in backing lyrics, a touch of classic rock and even a token saxophone, the song also manoeuvres itself through the taboo subjects of growing up with no purpose or direct goal. You’re submerged into this idea of constantly brewing ambitions, all while you bob along to the tune’s catchy chorus and harmonic guitars. It really is destined for a live audience.

An energetic display is curated and it fills Kamora’s name and persona with nothing but raw potential. It’s a tune that leaves me wanting more. Much more.

So, give it a listen yourself on Spotify now and you’ll see what I mean!

Image credit: Eco Centrism


Guest review contributed by Daniel Caddick

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