Interview with Kamora

Ahead of their next single, ‘Feel Alive’, we caught up with Kamora for a little Q&A…

Image credit: Mind of Rui


Hey guys, how’s it going?

We’re doing great, thank you!

From your socials, you’ve been teasing a lot of pending updates. So it sounds as though you’ve been dead busy?

Yeah, definitely! We’ve been pretty busy getting everything ready for what we’re dubbing the ‘new era of Kamora’. We’ve got a lot of plans and things in the pipeline.

Let’s take it right back to the beginning — when did you first get into music and how did you all meet?

Before this current line-up, Max and our former bassist Chris met Stu through his Dad. A while after that, myself [Dave] and Max met at a previous workplace thanks to our friend and photographer Rui Oliveira.

Which bands/artists have been the most influential on your sound?

Each one of us listens to a lot of different music and we can get influenced by these artists in many different ways. Just to name a few, Sam Fender, Nothing But Thieves and Paolo Nutini are some of our collective favourites.

What do you rate most about your local music scene?

Just the overall variety of artists in the Glasgow scene, and how everyone supports each other inspires us even more!

If you could play at any three venues around the world, which would they be?

Wembley Stadium is the top venue we would love to play. But we’d also like to see ourselves packing out places like the Royal Albert Hall, Paradiso (Amsterdam) or anywhere where reckon a crowd would enjoy our tunes!

When you aren’t playing music, how do you fill your time?

Work aside (which naturally occupies a big portion of our time), Stu is studying music production (he writes at least two dissertations per week — that’s some dedication…), I’m massively into photography and Max teaches judo.

On top of ‘Feel Alive’, which will be out 19th August (2022), what else has the band got in store for the next few months?

We’ll be supporting the mighty False Heads at The Hug & Pint on 4th October, and we’ve got a few more gigs planned and releases on the way, so definitely stay tuned.

Image credit: Mind of Rui

Give Kamora a follow on their socials and a few hundred spins on Spotify, because they’re set to keep getting bigger and bigger in the UK…

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