‘Wait For Me at the Back of the Room’ — VIGILANTI — Single review

One of Glasgow’s most exciting emerging bands right now is VIGILANTI, a four-piece who have been riding on the praises of a few very successful, big-name-venue shows for some time now, despite having no single out. But here they are, rectifying that with their dazzling debut, ‘Wait For Me at the Back of the Room’.

The feisty indie-punk tune stirs together each band member’s core influences, in turn generating a set of bouncing verses built around a catchy riff and a superbly melodic chorus. You can bet there’s a seriously heavy break as well. Themes of lust, jealousy and betrayal, all on the dancefloor, are navigated here, so it’s quite the relatable banger. And you’ll notice stacks of Arctic Monkeys and IDLES sensibilities on top.

Give this blazing track a spin with haste and get ready to see even more from the lads. Next stop for them: King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut.

Image credit: By Jamie J

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