Interview with Walt Disco

Here I am, just having a casual “wow!” moment as I’ve only gone and got a Q&A with the utterly wonderful Walt Disco for you to read! The group have just announced that they’re a Best Independent Album nominee in the Association of Independent Music Awards, too, so today’s a great day to share our chat…

Image credit: Walt Disco


Hello hello, how are you all?

Very well thank you!

Introduce us to you all.

Our ranks consist of Jocelyn: our beloved singer, matriarch and creative powerhouse. Finlay: synth player, technological genius and undoubtedly the most talented of us all. Lewis: rock legend, master of the six strings, finest hair and tambourine technique in the business. Charlie: bassist and angel, with an ear for harmonies that will pull at your heartstrings. Jack: drummer, composer of sweet and pleasant tunes, the funniest in the band (ask anyone).

For any readers not yet familiar with your sensational sound, how would you describe your music in three words?

Everything good simultaneously.

You’ve been playing all sorts of shows and festivals lately — what are your biggest highlights so far?

Playing SXSW was an unreal experience and a very affirming one for us as a band! Returning to the UK and playing our biggest headline tour to date amid the release of our debut album was an experience we’ll also treasure forever.

On top of that, support slots with giants like Duran Duran and Primal Scream have truly made us feel like we’re living a dream. And we’re only just getting started!

If you could perform at any three venues that you haven’t already, which would they be and why?

We’re very keen to play both the Hydro and Barrowlands in Glasgow, likely on a support slot for a big player. Any takers? Our DMs are open 😉

Aside from that, Wembley’s looking good this year.

We’re somehow more than halfway through 2022 — can you tease what’s in store for the remainder?

We’ve got a spot supporting our heroes Simple Minds this August, in Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh no less! We’re pinching ourselves over that. We’re also releasing a series of remixes of songs from our album, that have been lovingly crafted by some of our favourite and most exciting queer peers.

We return to the states this October for Austin City Limits, and we’re intending to make a few extra stops while we’re stateside.

Later in the year, we’ll have some very special new work to share with you that we’re extremely proud of. But we won’t spill all the beans at once; loose lips sink ships xx

Image credit: Walt Disco

So, there you have it, a quick update on all things Walt Disco. New tunes later in the year? Now, that’s something to get very, very excited about! Until then, their back catalogue beckons…


With thanks to Thom at Sonic PR for organising the interview.

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