COUNTERFEIT: Where you recognise Jamie Campbell Bower from

Whether you’re mad about Stranger Things or not, Vecna is everywhere. The man underneath the costume and behind Henry’s human role is Jamie Campbell Bower.

The Duffer Brothers’ critically acclaimed franchise has been recently praised for various music-related reasons, namely bringing Kate Bush back to the fore again and the character Eddie Munson’s mighty Metallica rendition.

While you might be au fait with Bower’s material as a solo artist, rewind a handful of years and the man himself actually fronted London punk-rock outfit COUNTERFEIT., who’ve had some absolutely exceptional, feisty tunes. That’s where the devout music fans among you will recognise him from.

Original image screenshot via Spotify

And while COUNTERFEIT. are no longer a band (they split in 2020) and Bower has continued his endeavours alone, you can still rinse the group’s 2017 album, ‘Together We Are Stronger’. I for one am completely kicking myself for not having got tickets to their last gig. They’re having a major resurgence in my playlists right now.

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