Interview with Harrison Gray

With two tracks already out, 19-year-old Harrison Gray is starting as he means to go on within the Scottish music sphere…


Hey Harrison, how’s it going?

I’m doing very well thank you.

When did you first get into music, and where are you based?

I first got into music in 2019, so not too long ago, and I began by teaching myself guitar and drums with help from my friends. And I’m based in East Kilbride, a small town outside Glasgow.

Which bands and artists have been the most influential on your sound?

The ones who’ve influenced my sound the most, I would say, are the Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sam Fender, Arctic Monkeys and Radiohead.

What are your favourite things about your local music scene?

What I really like about Glasgow’s music scene is the potential that bands have, to go from releases to live performances. I can see lots of artists breaking out of Glasgow to perform all around the UK, and I aspire to do the same.

Congrats on your latest single ‘Caught Thinking’ — how has it been received so far?

My new single has received really positive feedback from the community. But I’m determined to branch out and get my name more out there to people across Glasgow when I eventually start doing gigs.

What’s next in the pipeline for you?

What’s coming next? Very good things, I would say. I have another three songs at the moment in the process of being recorded and mixed.

I’m feeling very optimistic about what the future has to offer me in the music game, and I hope I can spread the word as much as I can to let people hear the name Harrison Gray!

Image via Harrison Gray

Have a listen to Harrison Gray’s tunes here and follow him on Instagram for all the latest.

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