‘We Aren’t Getting Out But Tonight We Might’ — L’objectif — EP review

Charismatic as ever, L’objectif are back to strike us with a bold flavour and adventurous sound that’s quite the spine-tingler, through their latest EP. They add a whole new meaning to the alternative genre…

The group began their journey in 2017 and it consists of gifted lead vocalist and guitarist Saul Kane, with Dan Richardson on guitar, Louis Bullock on drums and the forever energetic Ezra Glennon on the bass. Together, they bring their individual characteristics onto the stage, which makes for more than just a live music performance. 

The Leeds-based quad may be overlooked by many due to their young age, but not me. I adore their tone on record and when witnessing it in the flesh. It really is an experience meant for lucid dreaming. Their frontman seems to understand all elements of the industry, too, taking social media by storm and executing the music promotion game so well also. Saul Kane is a true professional.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the outfit multiple times and that exact sound never drifts. They received a great reception from the swinging Live At Leeds: In The Park crowd on 4th June and, as I jumped around, more and more people joined in and got moving. That’s the L’objectif effect.

For a band to still be in part-time education yet have the creative output musically that these guys do, it’s on another level. Their just-landed, second EP, ‘We Aren’t Getting Out But Tonight We Might’, is a much-needed listening joy that’s bound to shake up your playlists.

Saul Kane of L’objectif, while supporting Mystery Jets.
Image credit: Daniel Caddick

Here’s a beady-eyed look at each of the tracks on the EP:

‘Same Thing’

This is an introductory track that can be executed at many points in the set, possibly to ignite mayhem or to tame the crowd. This song seems to shape-shift but that’s just an add-on to its pure quality.

‘Get Close’

Credit to the band for this; they have constantly put out such a unique and passionate sound and this track identifies that exactly. It’s catchy and an excuse to get up and start moving.

‘Feeling Down’

I preach the beginning of this formerly single-only track and then there’s the rest. There’s such brilliance throughout its 3 minutes 36 seconds, and it’s lyrically blinding. The EP just gets better.

‘To Be Honest’

A completely new one, yet it doesn’t feel like an EP interval. Commanding a constant party and a moshing miracle, the stage presence of this song is rightfully there, and so it should be.

‘Thought It Was Real’

A slight surprise for first listeners, this edition concludes the EP with style. Gaining in pace throughout and demonstrating even more exploration with effects, it’s a fresh taste for your ears to consume.

Who better to deliver that than L’objectif?

Image credit: L’objectif


Guest review contributed by Daniel Caddick

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