‘Ready For Something’ — The Amazons — Single review

To The Amazons, the masters behind this behemoth of a new anthem, you’ve got my undivided attention…

I felt the blood-rush of the aptly-named last single, too, and after hearing this most recent offering, I’m even more poised for action.

‘Ready For Something’ does what it says on the tin. It’s a punch-packing belter that speaks to those of us so inspired that we can’t switch off the inner drive and motivation. The tap constantly drips; the fire within is perpetually stoked.

Playing on this feeling was something they did so impeccably during their leg of arena shows supporting Royal Blood on their tour — when I first heard this tune. It left me with surging energy hours after their set, like a coiled spring, horse ready to bolt from the stable, butterfly emerging from a chrysalis… And their ability to bring a mental state to the physical is merely a tenth of a reason why this band deserve all the praise for this just-unboxed piece.

In fact, The Amazons are rocketing from strength to strength. They’ve successfully built the palpable hype for their upcoming third studio album and the world stage is set for them. While this single alone should be received as the sign you needed, to embrace new and big things, it’s also a modern rock ripper that’s designed to torch your speakers with its meaty riffs, tight drumming and the commandingly cool, distinct vocals of Matt Thomson. Wow, just wow.

So, drop the scones and the bunting, and get this corker spinning immediately.

Original image via Spotify

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