‘Bootchie’ — Febueder — Single review

When a song’s tipped for fans of Animal Collective and Gold Panda, I can’t help but sit up and take note. I was a captive audience upon first spin of Febueder’s infectiously unorthodox ‘Bootchie’.

The latest single from the avant-indie duo is as progressive, fluid and totally danceable as the sky is blue. This is their niche, after all. You’ll detect that the percussion is boosted by ultra-jazzy notes and tinkling piano keys, which, consequently, allow the pair to flex the quirkiest, most atypical of creative muscles and deliver us a true diamond.

Character? Oh, it’s got it by the bucketful. If this doesn’t inspire boogying around the kitchen as much as it does an impromptu beer garden jaunt as soon as the sun emerges, I don’t know what would.

I’ll quit the writing so you can cut straight to listening. Jump across to Spotify or your streaming service of choice to listen now, and give Febueder your attention on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, too.

Artwork via Sonic PR

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