‘Sisyphus’ — Harry Jay Robinson — Single review 

The yearning, thought-provoking new single, ‘Sisyphus’, is the first from Harry Jay Robinson’s upcoming EP campaign. The singer, rapper and producer supplies something superbly smooth for lo-fi fans here, and I even get token go-slow Loyle Carner vibes, which is only a good thing. 

While the artist’s debut track, ‘You Are Not Charles Bukowski’, now has more than a million streams racked up on Spotify, this fresher offering will surely be on course for such popularity. Its namesake links to Greek mythology give it added allure, but as Harry Jay Robinson stated himself, “[the] song is all about finding that strength when everything feels pointless”, ultimately. And it’s that underpinning quality that makes this piece relatable. You can enjoy it wholly, with speakers at full chat, or spin it softly in the background for something dinner-party-soul-esque. 

With BBC Introducing and UNILAD support also under his belt, there’s no quibbling that the solo musician has talent. He even plays keys for Far Caspian when they go on tour. Jack of all trades, maybe, but clearly a master of many. 

Ready to hear ‘Sisyphus’ for yourself? Head over to Spotify now — all the social links are there, too. 

Image courtesy of Imprint Music

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