Artist spotlight: The Amazons

Between releasing their much anticipated new single, ‘Bloodrush’, and their tour supporting the mighty Royal Blood, The Amazons are men of the moment once again. Dare I call it a comeback? They’ve only been hiding in the shadows, penning music and refining their addictive blend of modern, Jack-Saunders-approved rock, after all. They never really exited the stage.

Since discovering The Amazons not long before their self-titled debut album in 2017 (a bit late to the party, granted), they’ve been a band only on the up. It doesn’t hurt to share a name, for the most part, with one of the biggest online retail conglomerates either.

The four-piece couldn’t really have garnered much more in the way of radio plays if they’d begged for them, and they know how to delight fans, whether they’re packed, sardine-style into an arena or they’re relishing the exposure in an intimate venue (The Key Club, February 2019, that’s a nod to you). They nail melt-your-face-off brashness — notably on tracks such as ‘In My Mind’ and ‘Mother’ — but they’re pioneers of the softer anthem, too. Of course, ‘Junk Food Forever’ slots into the latter, but the even more melancholic, yearning ‘All Over Town’ is a sure frontrunner in that department.

The Amazons haven’t just blown the roof off Glastonbury tents, they’ve carted their kit all across Europe, the States and beyond, so international gigging is more than their wheelhouse now. It’s funny how an outfit you used to spin on your morning train commute can be so au fait with global touring, while you’re just enjoying their material in a humble environment. But that’s the glory of this industry — artists will capture the ears of people everywhere.

Searing riffs, thrashing drums and distinctive, note-perfect vocals that you can bang your ahead around and wash the dishes to? Oh, you bet. Roll on ‘How Will I Know If Heaven Will Find Me?’. Twelve-year-old me would’ve been etching that acronym onto all her school notebooks…

Original artwork via Spotify

Top tracks

Here’s an amuse-bouche to get you acquainted:

► ‘Black Magic’

► ‘In My Mind’

► ‘Nightdriving’

► ‘Fuzzy Tree’

► ‘All Over Town’


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