‘Hearts of Many’ — Bubbatrees — Single review

‘Hearts of Many’, the brand-new single from Bubbatrees, is now for the ears of many. It’s another delivery of solid gold, ‘80s-infused pop that helps to boost the genre in its modern-age resurgence. 

At the very minimum, the song begs to feature on a Drive-esque soundtrack, alongside big hitters like Desire and Kavinsky. There’s just something deliciously atmospheric and extravagantly anthemic about it. And that almost tangible, silver screen dreaminess is enhanced by little lyrical idiosyncrasies, whereby you get literary nods to Kerouac and a general feeling of escapism. Further still, it possesses a sense of the classics and even a smidge of Americana, while showcasing impeccably how present-day electronics can provide such a richness. 

While the synths do assume centre stage, their power is rivalled — yet in a complementing ratio — by the goosebump-inducing, attention-demanding vocals. A miscellany of influences have been brewed into the Bubbatrees blueprint and, although they should be recognised unequivocally as a Scottish band to watch, what they tirelessly generate musically promises something for everyone. 

If you’ve somehow blinked and missed their exciting campaign of offerings lately, stream this one immediately and thank me later. You’ll find Bubbatrees on Spotify, plus the usual socials, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Image via Bubbatrees

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