SNAYX, Oporto

Leeds residents can’t really top Oporto for smaller-setting gigs. It’s a teeny venue but it’s got more character and edge than you can shake a disco ball at. It always seems to reel in insane emerging alt rock artists, too, which is why catching Brighton’s SNAYX was a no-brainer. With massive local talents, Fudge., on the support billing? Now you’re talking.

SNAYX, Oporto, 10/02/22

From 8:15pm, we got a very tight set from the Fudge. four-piece, with a string of their older crowd-pleasers woven among their newer singles. Following their ‘9/10’ release party gig the week prior, this Oporto slot offered them another opportunity to play it again and showcase their new bassist, Fabio, to a different audience. There was a little less stage-diving than usual, but a few smashed glasses instead…

Fudge., Oporto, 10/02/22

Since last seeing them, Fudge. have upgraded their cover song, too. And you know what? It was the best rendition of ‘Bulls On Parade’ since Rage Against The Machine released it themselves. Cam truly brought a sense of Zack De La Rocha and gave it that famous Leeds twist. It never stops being a pleasure to watch Otto deliver all that ferocity with just one guitar either, and of course to see Angus tie everything up so neatly (and noisily) on drums. When don’t they nail it?

Fudge., Oporto, 10/02/22

The room then broke off to allow SNAYX time to get plugged in before the lights lowered, the crowd parted into two sides and a tension-raising audio clip from Snakes on a Plane provided a seamless walk-on. It was properly energetic from start to finish.

SNAYX are an excellent fit for fans of Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes and Kid Kapichi. They’ve risen to the surface at the opportune time, with alt rock revelling in more than just a moment right now. They’re riding the wave and owning it. They’re also a bass-first band, which highlights how integral bassists and drummers are and what they bring to the table. Charlie and Ollie’s tunes are certainly akin to a really feisty, dangerous Royal Blood.

SNAYX, Oporto, 10/02/22

They’ve got all the right ingredients, too, from slowthai covers to a whole heap of pedals and boards. And as a manager of a Scottish band, you definitely start to notice little things like the bottles of Buckfast they’re swigging.

‘Cigarette’ was sheer dynamite. It’s my absolute favourite of theirs and also the freshest single they’ve dropped. But ‘Body Language’ came in at a close second live — what a buzz. ‘Deranged’ has been enjoying a resurgence as a go-to track since the gig as well.

Once SNAYX got into ‘False Friends’, one of the most aggressive, body-slamming mosh pit I’ve seen post-pandemic started to unfold. Losing yourself in the music is what gigs are all about, after all.

SNAYX, Oporto, 10/02/22

So, if you’re forming a list of must-see artists in 2022, do yourself a favour and get SNAYX jotted down. You won’t regret it.

SNAYX, Oporto, 10/02/22

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