‘play it again’ — easy days — EP review

Oozing commercial appeal and deftly delivering ‘80s pop and noughties guitar hooks straight to your door, it’s easy days. These connoisseurs of the modern pop bop hail from Glasgow and they inject a summery freshness into even the coldest winter day — that’s why their brand-new, debut EP, ‘play it again’, is such a fun one to spin (and you’ll want to do as they say and put it on loop)

Naturally, it features the band’s first single, ‘cherry lemonade’, which is a joyfully buoyant one. But of the three previously released tracks on the EP, ‘i don’t really mind’ still stands out the most to me. It’s those tinkling synths, what more can I say? To the five-piece’s credit, the chorus is catchy as hell and it gets fully embedded in your head with almost too much ease. 

But if you’re itching to cut straight to the new offering, I can confirm ‘play it again’ is a corker. It’s the fourth and much-anticipated final song on the EP, and a jangly tune at that. It’s sure to go down well with a crowd. It earned them an exclusive first radio play on BBC Introducing, too, so it’ll be great to see in the flesh just how they’re received at their first headline show at King Tut’s (rescheduled for 25th March). After all, they seem to be garnering support from various radio stations and bloggers — Record Weekly included!

So, brighten up your playlists pronto by streaming ‘play it again’ on Spotify now. And make sure you’re following easy days on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest updates.

Artwork via Forth Road

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