‘Euphoria’ — VLURE — EP review

Depending on the day, VLURE could either incite a rave or a riot. Heavy synths, brash bass notes and roaring vocals take the Glaswegian outfit’s niche to the edge of its genre-crossing precipice and into an ‘80s dancefloor wilderness. Of course, their tracks benefit from modern-day production and the gift of social media; it’s no wonder they’ve caused such a stir in Scotland and beyond.

‘Euphoria’ is the debut EP from the five-piece, who harness throwback disco, post-punk and so many other influences in between. Their astonishingly successful first single, ‘Shattered Faith’, ripped up the rule book in 2021 and, although it doesn’t feature here on this five-track collection, it kind of doesn’t need to. It’s about time the ultra-commanding, borderline raucous ‘Show Me How to Live Again’ entirely seized the limelight. And it really does, opening the EP in serious style.

You then get ‘Heartbeat’, which vows to make you “dance until [your] body’s numb”. The monologue-style lyrics give a non-negotiable call to action, before you get those dizzying hooks that you just want to lose yourself in. Back when I saw VLURE play Headrow House, their lead vocalist proved just how much this song is designed to make you forget your inhibitions and throw your body around.

Of the two previously unheard, the piece that shares the EP’s title, ‘Euphoria’, is more piano-led. It’s soft and peaceful, yet densely emotive and powerfully delivered, with an ambient flow of long-held sound in the background. It’s even got token White Lies vibes, which has got to have helped secure their supporting place on the indie band’s next tour.

Meanwhile, ‘The Storm’ is dramatic and poetic, in its far slower rhythm. They’re big on the storytelling, this band, and it gives their material another layer of immense intrigue. After all, “what’s life but a storm?”.

Image via Spotify

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